Why using simple and effective cosmetics for healthy looking skin is so important.

I have been using skincare products for a long time. Over the years, I have tried many different brands and I have spent a lot of time and money trying to find the best skincare products for my skin.

I never did.

So, one day I thought to myself: Why not create my own brand?

And so I did.

The market nowadays is overflowing with brands that promise consumers incredible results.

Big brands know how to manipulate the market and have the resources to present the best possible offer.

I have fallen for their tricks many times. Paying a lot of money for skincare products hoping that they would give me the perfect skin.

I remember one day I noticed the list with ingredients of a face moisturiser - an endless list of ingredients. And so, months after using this product, the results were nowhere to be seen! I found it very disappointing.

I wanted to create products that contain the right amount of ingredients.

Ingredients that are of a high quality and have positive impact on the skin.

I started reading about essential and carrier oils. I competed training courses and learned so much. I was excited and so I made my first products.

After a while I noticed that my skin looked better and felt smoother. And, this is continuing day after day – with my products.

What a lot of us don’t realise is that the commercialised products in shops are made for profit. Most of their ingredients can be harmful.

Synthetic chemicals are found in a vast number of products that we use on our face, body, and hair. Some of them may cause no harm, but others may cause skin irritation, and scalp problems. Some people may never have problems with commercial products, whereas others may react to the same product.

These chemicals can contribute to illnesses and infertility in the fish populations, whales, and other wildlife, disrupt aquatic ecosystems - killing fish, along with other animal, and plant life, leach into the soil, thus contaminating farmland, and getting into the food chain.

The beauty, perfume, and personal care businesses are way behind many of these modernised manufacturers, in terms of healthy and environmentally safe products. They are getting there, but slowly. Many of the producers are more interested in making as much money as possible without giving any thought to the harm they may be causing their customers and the world around us.

They must keep up with fashion trends and produce items as quickly as possible before someone else ‘gets there first’. This does not allow them to do lengthy and rigorous testing on the ingredients.

However, we still need be careful when using products with ingredients derived from plants.

The shelf life of skincare products made with natural ingredients, is not as long as the shelf-life of commercialised products.