How Introverts Can Dive Deep Into Self-Care

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

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Everyone needs a regular dose of self-care to maintain their wellness, but you’ll never find one definition that pins down exactly what it is because self-care looks different from person to person. According to the Self-Care Foundation, self-care is composed of the actions people take to keep themselves healthy. To start practicing self-care in your own life, you need to focus on the “self” part first. Figure out what works for you and what makes you tick and feel rejuvenated. Courtesy of ShaNaMetics. Here are some things all introverts should be aware of when it comes to self-care.

Don’t Confuse Your Downtime at Home as Self-Care

Part of an introvert’s daily struggle is feeling depleted after doing everyday tasks like attending work or school. You can’t skip work or school and live a functioning life, so you power through and try to recover once you’re at home or someplace comfortable. This recovery time should not be mistaken as self-care.

There’s a huge difference between doing the bare minimum to keep yourself healthy and actively doing things to improve your well-being. Counting this reboot time as self-care is unfair to yourself and will only increase your likelihood of experiencing burnout, which will impact you physically and emotionally.

Physical Self-Care

Aside from the recommended amounts of exercise to maintain cardiovascular health, explore getting physical as a way to practice self-care. Plenty of fitness activities can be done solo, too, so you don’t have to sacrifice your natural inclination as an introvert to be alone. Walking, running, swimming, hiking, yoga and cycling can be solo activities that can be done outside of a gym or class full of strangers. Remember to stay safe in whatever you decide to do alone.

If being physically active is part of your self-care, don’t push yourself too hard. Avoid getting wrapped up in your running times and risking injury. You can love yourself in other ways.

Mindful Self-Care

Every introvert knows you can easily get wrapped in your thoughts. It’s okay to allow yourself this introspection, though. In fact, it’s a form of self-care to make time to sink into your thoughts.

If you're finding that you're often stressed out at home, it's a good idea to literally clear the air. Getting rid of negative vibes can help you feel more relaxed. Organize your stuff, dust and vacuum the home, and allow more light into your home.

Other forms of mindful self-care can include enjoying a hobby. Set aside a day each week or an hour a day to write, sketch, play your guitar or knit. Starting and continuing a creative project simply because you’re happy doing it is one of the most productive ways to practice self-care. Alternatively, consider ways to make the most of self-care rituals. Draw a bath at least once a week, and light a candle and allow yourself to soak for 30 minutes, finishing off with a soothing body butter and facial moisturizer. Being mindful through each element of this activity also offers an extra dose of relaxation.

People might think they don’t have time for self-care, but it can be worked into your daily routine. You can achieve a measure of self-care as an introvert without doing things that go against your personal needs. Think about what brings you joy and what breathes life into you, and make time for it.

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